About the Clay

I use a few different clays in my work, ranging from low fire to high fire. Both High and Low firing are strong clay bodies however the higher the temp fired to the stronger the final product will be. The reason I use different clay bodies is to achieve different looks. The low fire clay body I use is white and the low fire glaze that I use comes in more varieties and brighter colors than the high fire clay.

The high fire clay bodies I use are a golden tan and black clay for most of what I make. Occasionally I may experiment with some dark browns or reds. Using the colored clay gives me a different canvas to work on than the low fire white.

White Clay

White Clay – non toxic gives a nice white canvas for bright color glazes.

Golden Tan

Golden Tan – non toxic good for darker colors and earth tone glazes

Black Clay

Black Clay – Not Food Safe Decorative use only!

So far in my experience all the clay bodies i use are safe for food with the exception of the black clay body. Even though I have been told it is safe as long as I use a food safe glaze on the black clay I still do not wish to risk it and will not sell the black clay products for food use it is decorative only.

If you have any question regarding the clays or glazes I use please email me.