About the Artist

Vikki SRD Pottery Artist

My name is Vikki and I have been working in clay formally since 2000. I guess collecting my own clay as a child from the river banks and making pots doesn’t count for job experience. Though that experience has stayed with me all these years and I still have that love for getting my hands dirty with the clay and making my own pieces.

When I built my studio at my house I was insistent that the fence around the back acre of our property was done before my studio so my dog would be happy. My studio doors were to open up into this area so my dog could play outside instead of being kept inside alone while I was in the studio working. Spoiled Rotten Dog Pottery was born. When it came down to naming my pottery I thought it appropriate to name it for my Spoiled Rotten Dog.

Now Suzy runs free in her yard  with her best friend Spike and loves every minute of it. She pokes her head in the studio every now and then to make sure I’m doing ok and sometimes comes in and curls up in her chair and watches me work.

As for my work, I have always been a dabbler. Trying out new art as well as new experience in life and new places in the world. You will see once you go to my galleries that this is true. I love doing many different types of pottery. From your classic bowls and mugs to frogs and fairies, Asian influenced pieces as well as some blends of other materials in my clay such as gemstones and glass. I can’t do just one thing my brain won’t allow it. Do not fear though if you need a set or matching pieces or replacements for pieces you have bought I can do that for you as well.

Please look around and enjoy your stay and if you have any questions please email me, I would love to hear from you.

Vikki Davis